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The Kony 2012 phenomenon is remarkable on many fronts.

Regardless of what you think about it, you can be assured that our young people know about it and are trying to work out what they should think and do about it.

To help them and to help us grownups, I’ve written two articles.

The first I wrote for called ‘Talking to kids about Kony’.

In this, I offer seven things that adults should think about as they talk to youth and children about this topic.

The second I wrote for called ‘Should you help make Kony famous?’.

This attempts to apply the advice I’ve given in the earlier piece so that my seven ideas can be modeled to anyone trying to work out just how to put these thoughts into words.

You might also refer the youth in your church, whether believers or unbelievers, to this article.

Let’s pray that our youth are wise in responding to Kony, but far more importantly, wise for salvation.

There are few times when I pray with my eyes open. You’ll be pleased to know that driving is one of them.

Yet, last year I prayed with my eyes open in a totally different context.

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One of the greatest challenges in youth ministry is making connections – between younger people and older leaders, school students and local churches, and most of all, between believers and unbelievers. Camps are a venue that can achieve all three.

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It is difficult to argue with C. S. Lewis’ famous sentiment that “pain is God’s megaphone to rouse a deaf world”. But what do you do when your nation is characterized by health and prosperity? How can God’s message be heard above the deafening sound of materialism?

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Immunisation is great when the disease is life-threatening. But immunisation can be an issue when the foreign object is life-saving. This kind of problem can occur when we give people a tiny taste of the gospel without a full exposure to the implications or fruit of the message. If we are not careful, we can lead people to end up hardened against Jesus, not softened to his promises.

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