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As you may have read in previous posts, we’re moving church, house, school, and that’s because I’m leaving Youthworks and heading off to be the Senior Minister at Oak Flats Anglican.

To try and lead the family through this time of change, we’ve worked hard to keep communicating well with our kids, and praying regularly with and for them all.

With this in mind, I wrote an article for the Growing Faith website called Leading your kids through change, to help share our strategies with others.

I’ve written an article for Growing Faith about the controversial issue of whether or not it is good to bring kids along to funerals.

For a long time, this practice seemed to be either discouraged or even taboo.

But in my opinion, having children at the funerals of people they love can actually help them learn and grieve.

For more, read my full article, ‘Should you take children to funerals.’

Call it a midlife crisis if you will, but it’s more than just a little weird seeing the little babies you once held in your arms turn into five-foot-something young women who have one foot firmly placed in adulthood.

This is very exciting and rewarding. God has made beautiful young women out of our lovely little girls.

But the process of development is something that Mandy and I still try to come to terms with on a regular basis.

With this in mind, I wrote this article Who’s that adult in my car for the Growing Faith website.