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By now, some of you may be aware that I have written two chapters in the new book, ‘Youth Ministry on the Front Foot’, edited by Zac Veron.

In the book I’ve written on two areas of youth ministry that have been key points of my teaching and training over the years.

Firstly, I wrote the chapter, ‘How to make your youth group fun and fulfilling’.

The main principle is that our ministry should be structured, participatory, applicable, dynamic and engaging, and that we should avoid using entertainment to make the Bible seem less boring.

Secondly, I wrote a chapter called ‘Think Dual-Action.’

The main principle here is that we should aim the whole youth program at both believers and unbelievers, and avoid the error of running separate youth activities aimed at either believers or unbelievers.

These chapters are only two of the 35 within the book, written by Mike Everett, Eugene Hor, Cameron Hyslop, Ron Irving, Sarah Macken, Dave Miers, Ken D Noakes, Murray Norman, Scott Petty, Graham Stanton, Zac Veron and Kylie Williams.

Overall, I reckon the book is worth reading if you’re involved in youth ministry and would like to develop your skills and hone your strategy.

Now, the good news is that if you haven’t yet got yourself a copy, I’ve been able to organise a mate’s rate… for my online mates.

You can take 20% off the purchase price (not the shipping cost) of the book for any purchases made through the CEP online store from 01 to 30 June 2012.

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The other day, as I trained a bunch of youth and children’s leaders at my church, I was vividly reminded of the impact that youth leaders have on the teens in their group.

For many years I’ve trained youth ministers and leaders about the importance and impact of their ministry.

But now, as a parent of teenagers of my own, the significance of youth ministers on the teenagers has arrived very close to home.

Read my tribute called ‘Thank you, youth leaders’, in today’s

If asking questions is the way that youth (and often adults) learn, then why would we choose to miss out on the benefits of this powerful way of speaking the truth?

Read my thoughts in my latest article at

Real Hope 2005 

I’m off to speak at the ‘Real Hope’ mission in Tamworth on the 9th and 10th of November this year. Details here at

I will be speaking to the youth on the Friday night, then speaking to all ages at the Saturday night outreach event. I will also be conducting a training seminar on youth ministry in the afternoon.

Youthworks College Youth Ministry Intensive February 2007

As has been the custom of the past four years, I continue to teach the DM211 ‘Youth and the Churches’ Diploma of Theology subject at Youthworks College.

This 30-hour course provides a detailed overview of youth ministry, from foundations and strategy to practical hints and techniques.

I’ve been reminded that ‘intensive’ doesn’t just describe the method of lesson delivery! Preparing for and teaching these lectures takes lots of time and energy. However, as always, they have been very rewarding.

This year I am recording the lectures with the intention of producing a book based on some of the material I have presented. The only problem is that 30 hours equates to about 90 hours of typing. Look out for the blisters on my fingers sometime in March!