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Many people like the idea of using laser skirmish to provide a technological ‘upgrade’ to classic wide games such as ‘Capture the Flag’. However, some people have raised concerns at the idea of promoting shooting games in a Christian environment.

I’d consider the idea of creating a purpose-built laser skirmish battlefield at Youthworks Outdoors with the latest simulation weapons for those who might like to take advantage of it, and to offer an alternative activity for groups whose leaders or teachers find this unappealing.

But, would it be grossly unpopular and potentially offensive to the majority? Would you let your school or youth group dress up in camouflage and play war games in the bush? Or would you find the very notion to be antisocial and insensitive?

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This week I’m spending three solid days ‘on team’ with the Deer Park Outdoor Ministry team. Check out my up-to-the-minute micro-blog at (or just look to the left of the screen on my website.

Happy New Year to everyone. This is my first official post on my new-look website, and just to make it even higher-tech, I’m writing it from my BlackBerry.

I’ve moved my website from a Coranto CMS to WordPress, and it seems to have been a great move. Interesting trying to migrate the posts, but I think I’ve worked out the process.

This new site should go live this week, when I’ve got the bugs out of the system.

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