I’ve been ministering to youth for more than 20 years, both as a busy volunteer and a full-time minister. My early training was ‘on the job’, working alongside Ken and Julie Moser, as well as in several other contexts. My theological training is a Bachelor of Divinity through Moore Theological College, and more recently a Master’s of Arts (Theology), also at Moore.

To relax, I love to lose myself in a heavy theological book, sustained by strong coffee. I love mucking around with my kids. I love chatting with Mandy about anything and everything. I love playing and listening to music, watching movies that make me think, photographing interesting subjects, hiking in the bush, running and surfing, and tinkering with technology.

I am the Senior Minister of Jamberoo Anglican Church.

I also have spoken and written on youth and music ministry in various off-line and on-line publication such as The Briefing and sydneyanglicans.net.