When I write for, I deliberately try and pitch it at teenage girls aged 13 and 14… just like my two teenage daughters.

After all, if we who write for Fervr can connect with that specific demographic, then we’ll be more likely to connect with the wider youth audience… or so we imagine.

With that in mind, I’ve written an article about cute cats.

This article focuses on the reality of human conflict. I noticed that our cats had conflict, yet still appeared to remain as friends… and realised that the same was also true for humans.

It tries to encourage children to not freak out when their parents fight… and for them to realise that just because they have conflict with a friend that it doesn’t mean the end of the relationship.

Hopefully there’s something helpful in the article for all of us… whether we are 13 and love cats, or 40 and prefer dogs.

Here’s the article

One of the big things that faces all Christian people is whether or not the belief is just skin-deep.

I’ve written an article for the website that challenges us all to consider if we are Christians to the core, or whether it’s just on the outside.

Read my full article here:

I’ve just written an article for called ‘Is it right to see One Direction in concert?’

The aim was to help youth think about how they use their time and money.

It would be great to share it  with any teenagers you might know (or just ‘Like’ it on Facebook), as you help them think through these big issues.

The Kony 2012 phenomenon is remarkable on many fronts.

Regardless of what you think about it, you can be assured that our young people know about it and are trying to work out what they should think and do about it.

To help them and to help us grownups, I’ve written two articles.

The first I wrote for called ‘Talking to kids about Kony’.

In this, I offer seven things that adults should think about as they talk to youth and children about this topic.

The second I wrote for called ‘Should you help make Kony famous?’.

This attempts to apply the advice I’ve given in the earlier piece so that my seven ideas can be modeled to anyone trying to work out just how to put these thoughts into words.

You might also refer the youth in your church, whether believers or unbelievers, to this article.

Let’s pray that our youth are wise in responding to Kony, but far more importantly, wise for salvation.