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It has become apparent to me that many church music teams play in a similar way to an under-eight soccer team.

All of the melody instruments (such as flutes and violins) usually play every verse, and they often play the same melody line as the congregation is singing. The rhythm instruments (such as acoustic guitar and bass) play with the same intensity throughout the entire song.

A better music team will play like a high-school soccer team. The melody instruments will sit back in some verses and be silent, whilst at other times they will feature strongly. Sometimes they’ll play the same tune as the congregation, but sometimes they’ll compliment the tune by playing basic harmonies. The rhythm instruments will feel happy to be ‘subbed off’ for a verse or two, and then warm up as they reach the intensity of the final stages before the final siren blows (so to speak!)

This mindset shift makes a powerful impact on a church band. It’s not impossibly difficult to achieve, but it does take a commitment by all members to not all just run around the paddock, chasing the ball.

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Now that PowerPoint has become passé, what is the next big thing we should use to display our song words?

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Anyone who knows me well will be aware that I like things to be both relational and to be professional. However, it can often be difficult to achieve both of these goals at the same time…

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It is remarkable to reflect on the way in which God chose to create his universe. Everywhere we turn there is evidence of his lavish love and creativity; the boldness of a sunset… the beauty of a tulip… the brightness of the sun.

One particular area in which we see his creativity is in music. Music has the power to move people in a way that words fail to achieve. It can lift us to new heights, and take us on a journey to places unexpected.

At the 2004 TWIST Music Conference, Mike Raiter spoke of the power of the song. In referring to the wonderful Colin Buchanan concert the night before, he said that because of his gift of music, Colin could have taken our crowd anywhere. “But”, he observed, “aren’t we thankful that he took us to God!”

We know the power of music. We use it every week to proclaim God’s praises. Yet, we want to make sure we use this powerful tool to achieve the best possible outcomes.

That’s why it’s important our musicians are well trained. That’s why the TWIST Music Conference is such an important event for our musicians.

Registrations close Monday night, and the conference begins the Saturday after. Don’t miss out on stimulating teaching from Mike Raiter, terrific congregational music from some of Australia’s most gifted musos, and invaluable hands-on training in many great workshops.

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If on Monday 5th Feb you’re around a radio in Sydney (or a web browser anywhere) at around 10.30AM, have a listen to my interview with Joanne Traeger on FM 103.2. It will be streamed on the web from the FM 103.2 stream.

She’s going to chat with me specifically about the TWIST Music Conference in August, and the DVD we made from last year.

If you haven’t seen the DVD, here’s a sneak peak of the song ‘Never Alone’:

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