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It is difficult to argue with C. S. Lewis’ famous sentiment that “pain is God’s megaphone to rouse a deaf world”. But what do you do when your nation is characterized by health and prosperity? How can God’s message be heard above the deafening sound of materialism?

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Immunisation is great when the disease is life-threatening. But immunisation can be an issue when the foreign object is life-saving. This kind of problem can occur when we give people a tiny taste of the gospel without a full exposure to the implications or fruit of the message. If we are not careful, we can lead people to end up hardened against Jesus, not softened to his promises.

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Here’s an excerpt from today’s article on Schools Ministry entitled ‘Schools in for outreach’ in which I am quoted: 

Involving youth ministers in school ministry is one of the main strategies for reaching school students, says Year 13 Director and Youth Ministry Lecturer at Youthworks College, Jodie McNeill.

“One of the best connections a youth minister can have with unchurched teenagers is to teach high school scripture.

“Not only do you potentially get an extra hour a week to disciple your church kids, you also get to meet their friends and tell them the gospel.”

Jodie adds that getting students on board to reach their friends is an important factor.

“Youth ministers must not only work hard at making time to teach lessons, they should also be active in recruiting volunteers to join them in this remarkable mission field.

“There is probably no better way to link with high school kids than to teach SRE (Special Religious Education) in their schools.”  

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Read article online at, click here. To discuss the article, visit the forums at