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I’ve just had posted an article on about the whole idea of a Christian male rite of passage.

Should we run some sort of wilderness experience where we get fathers and sons to learn about manhood and to mark the occasion of a boy turning into a man?

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I recently had the opportunity to chat to a friend about his experience with teaching SRE to a high school class.

He shared with me the joys and the challenges of this great ministry, and in turn, I shared with him a few tips that I thought I’d also give to the friendly readers of

So, click through to my latest article to read my tips, and respond in the comments section if you’d like to add some thoughts.

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If asking questions is the way that youth (and often adults) learn, then why would we choose to miss out on the benefits of this powerful way of speaking the truth?

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Here’s an additional positive outcome from doing Year 13 that’s often overlooked. Read the full article here:

A special welcome, too, to Andrew Nixon in his new role heading up this ministry. I’m praying it’s a great year of ministry with his awesome team.

If you, or someone you know, is thinking about Year 13 this year, then there’s still time to enrol. Don’t miss out on a year that changes lives forever.

Over these past few days I’ve had three independent reminders of the significance of gap years.

Firstly, whilst directing an HSC Study Conference last week, I was overwhelmed with the popularity of gap years for students finishing their Year 12 study.

Secondly, an article in yesterday morning’s Australian Financial Review made the observation that the gap year concept “is taking hold” in Australia, and that “research suggests students who take a gap year come back better prepared for study.” (p. 27)

Thirdly, and what was the primary motivation for me to write on this topic, was the recognition by our Archbishop during last night’s Presidential Address of the importance of our own Sydney Diocesan gap year program.

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