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One aspect of our church gatherings that causes some division and confusion is the practice of clapping. It should come as no surprise that the current March 2009 edition of Southern Cross includes a letter to the Editor raising this very issue in relation to the Connect ’09 Big Day In.

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Anyone who knows me well will be aware that I like things to be both relational and to be professional. However, it can often be difficult to achieve both of these goals at the same time…

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Visiting three McNeill Sacred Spaces reminded me of the significance of buildings to the Christian life.

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When a person speaks about his or her success in ministry, the response from others is often lukewarm. Perhaps it’s a Christian version of the so-called ‘Tall Poppy Syndrome’, in which Aussies habitually cut down high achievers to the median level of mediocrity. But is this a Christian response?

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There was a time when ‘artificial’ was the buzz. We loved artificial grass, artificial light, artificial sweeteners, and even artificial intelligence. In the last few years our society has been bombarded with artificial community. But, like everything artificial, there is nothing like the real thing!

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