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Last week I posted a blog on where I lamented the fact that most people now say “thinking of you” instead of “praying for you”. Here’s the link:

The reason I share this with you is that I’ve just heard Prime Minister Julia Gillard speak about the terrifying threat of Cyclone Yasi, where she not only spoke of “thinking” of the people of Far North Queensland, but said that the Australian people were “united in spirit”, another example of a an attempt to rebirth and recommission a typically Christian expression in this time of pain.

I really want my friends in Townsville, my family in Port Douglas, and everyone in Cairns and FNQ to know that God truly answers the prayers of those who speak to him, and that I am speaking to God on their behalf, that he might reduce the power of the storm, protect human life, and through this, show his glory in the way he intends.

In this time of trial for Queensland and Australia there is no better time to seek the mercy of God for the forgiveness of sins and the hope of eternal life.

Australia, get down on your knees!

It’s probably not a smart idea to talk about the sometimes sensitive relationship between churches and ‘parachurch’ organisations.

In fact, to do so might lead me to shoot myself in the foot, given that I work for such an organisation.

However, in a ‘courageous’ move (potentially in the tradition of ‘Yes Minister’), I boldly step where wise angels wouldn’t dare tread.

In my latest column at read about why I think it’s better to call our ‘parachurches’ by the name ‘hupochurch’.

I just hope I got my Greek right, or I’ll look like a real idiot.

Follow the link, have a read, and leave your thoughts in the comments section.

In today’s SMH there is a story on Mary Mackillop, and a curious story about a blessing of mobile phones.

What’s most interesting is that both stories have a positive ‘feel’ to them.

There is nothing about scandal or infighting.

In fact, the story about Mary Mackillop has no sense of scepticism whatsoever. It reads like the thing you’d expect to find in a Catholic newspaper.

Here’s the main teaser quote, as featured on the front page of this morning:

When Kathleen Evans arrives at the pearly gates, she will have a simple question for St Peter: ”Why me?”

Maybe the secular media is waking up to the fact that far more Australians consider themselves Christians than had previously conceded by the mainstream press.

Keep praying for opportunities to use these articles as a springboard to conversations with your friends about Jesus.

And, if you’re a budding journo, why not submit an opinion piece to the dailies, and see if they might publish it?

I’ve been trying to hold off, but for no longer. This weekend I signed up for Twitter, the latest trend in online social networking.

My blog on this new Internet phenomenon is now live at Have a read, and join in the discussion.

One aspect of our church gatherings that causes some division and confusion is the practice of clapping. It should come as no surprise that the current March 2009 edition of Southern Cross includes a letter to the Editor raising this very issue in relation to the Connect ’09 Big Day In.

Should we clap or not? Read my thoughts in my blog at