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When a person speaks about his or her success in ministry, the response from others is often lukewarm. Perhaps it’s a Christian version of the so-called ‘Tall Poppy Syndrome’, in which Aussies habitually cut down high achievers to the median level of mediocrity. But is this a Christian response?

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Have you ever been involved in creating a mission or purpose statement for a Christian group? If you have, then you will know the challenge in trying to generate a sentiment that is broad enough to include every possible activity of the organisation, and yet narrow enough to help define the core passion.

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As a result of market-driven ministry models, many churches have tried to work out how to make church more tasty (i.e. entertaining).

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How often have you heard the saying “Preach the gospel always, and if necessary use words”? This oft-repeated quote from St Francis of Assisi is often bandied around as a reminder that our actions speak louder than words. Yet, this motivation to live good lives can easily turn into an excuse not to speak at all.

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It is difficult to argue with C. S. Lewis’ famous sentiment that “pain is God’s megaphone to rouse a deaf world”. But what do you do when your nation is characterized by health and prosperity? How can God’s message be heard above the deafening sound of materialism?

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