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Subscribe to my iTunes podcast

I’ve finally got around to hooking up with iTunes to produce a podcast.

To listen to my latest Bible talks and ministry training, subscribe to my Podcast at iTunes. It’s free!

Or, you can subscribe using the URL if you use a different method.

Special thanks to MightySeek for providing the excellent podPress WordPress plugin that makes all this podcasting work so seamlessly.

Big changes at

Over the holidays I’ve been busily nerding away on a major overhaul of my website.

It’s been nearly three years since I updated my installation of WordPress from 2.0.5 to the latest 2.9 release, and it’s only months away from the ten-year anniversary of

However, with this major update to the core ‘engine’ of my website, it was necessary for me to change the appearance of the website, given the fact that the template I previously used was not compatible with some of the features of the latest version of WordPress.

So, one thing led to another, and the result is that many new features have been added, plus some nice improvements in appearance and functionality.

For those who get excited about these kinds of things, here are some of the changes:

  • Added an RSS feed of my weekly ‘Modern Ministry’ blog at in the sidebar
  • Added a funky Flash word cloud of my popular categories
  • Installed a new Twitter widget that displays my latest Tweets
  • Re-organised my categories into ten top-level categories
  • Removed the event calendar
  • Added a large option of icons to enable the easy sharing of my posts with social networking sites
  • Updated my list of links, including an ‘Affiliations’ list
  • Created a Picasa account, and have provided access to my albums from the ‘Photos’ page (and a fancy ‘Latest Photos’ sidebar widget)
  • Enabled automatic tweeting of new posts

If you’re reading this on a FaceBook note or by an RSS feed, then drop by and check it out.

What do you think of the changes? Any other suggestions for improvements? Let me know in the comments.

I’ve been trying to hold off, but for no longer. This weekend I signed up for Twitter, the latest trend in online social networking.

My blog on this new Internet phenomenon is now live at Have a read, and join in the discussion.

This week I’m spending three solid days ‘on team’ with the Deer Park Outdoor Ministry team. Check out my up-to-the-minute micro-blog at (or just look to the left of the screen on my website.

Ever wanted to have that seamless, face-to-face delivery for your next Christian event that only a professional news reader can present? You need an autocue. But how do you get one without breaking the bank? Read the secret in my latest article at

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