One of my long term dreams since I first joined the Internet community in August 1995 was to have my own www site. Finally, this dream has come to fruition!

The main thing that drove me to finally register my own ‘dot com’ and design a site was that I was eager to have an ‘on-line’ vehicle for my music. Thus, it is true to say that the primary purpose of this site is to act both as a virtual ‘manager’ and virtual ‘demo tape’. My long-term goal is to provide my visitors with the opportunity to both read my words and hear a ‘demo’ version of my songs.

This has several goals. One is to provide a means by which you can listen to my songs and read my words before you ask me to come and sing and speak. Another goal is to provide those who have heard me live with a proto-CD, awaiting the time that, perhaps, I might release something on CD. This leads to a third goal. As a ‘virtual demo tape’, it is an opportunity for you to give me feedback on whether I should proceed with a professional recording and release of material on CD. Additionally, it will give details of when and where I am appearing, as well as provide information for those interested in asking me to come to sing and speak at an event.

Finally, the site will also give me a vehicle to publish some of my College essays on-line, as well as other things that I put to paper in the years ahead.

So, I hope you enjoy the site, and I look forward to keeping this beast up-to-date with lots of goodies.

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