Mandy and I have two pieces of news to share with you all.

The first is that I have accepted a job with Anglican Youthworks as a Regional Youth Adviser. My new role is to work with the Church Resource Unit in developing strategies to reach the Archbishop’s goal of 10% of all Australians in Bible-believing churches within 10 years. My job will take me to churches throughout Sydney Diocese as our team trains and resources churches and schools in this exciting mission. Youthworks is under the direction of Al Stewart (CEO), and my team leader will be Tony Willis (Director, Church Resources Unit).

We will leave St Philip’s South Turramurra and begin with Youthworks on the 25th of November. We are planning to live in the St George area (near Hurstville), as I am responsible for the Georges River and South Sydney Regions of Sydney Diocese. I will email you our new details later this year when they come to hand. (NB. My mobile and my email will remain the same).

The second piece of news is that we are expecting our third child. The due date is 6th January 2003.

Originally we thought the baby was due on the 31st January, but the ultrasound showed that we were four weeks out!

We would greatly appreciate your prayers during the coming months. Pray for Mandy as she deals with the stresses of pregnancy and the preparation for the move. Pray for Liana and Jemimah as they prepare to say goodbye to friends and move on to a new home (and school or preschool). Pray for me that I will finish strongly at St Philip’s and be well prepared for my new role. Pray for us all as enjoy a few weeks’ holiday between jobs.

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