Interview with Raj Gupta (Conference Chairman) during the main session on Thursday morning.

Over the past week I’ve spent five days at the Katoomba Youth Leadership Conference (KYLC). This event provides excellent training for people in ministry and Bible teaching.

Mandy and I led a strand group, which consists of around ten students who receive personal training in how to prepare a Bible study. Ours was for third-time delegates, and covered Systematic Theology.

In addition, I ran four afternoon workshops, each of an hour and half’s duration. On Monday and Tuesday I took the 200 Stand One students through a 3 hour introduction to youth ministry. On Wednesday I conducted a session for strand leaders explaining the course changes. Finally on Thursday I took some of the Strand Three students through the topic ‘dealing with trouble’.

Next week I will be repeating the four afternoon sessions for the second week group.

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