Lecturing at Youthworks College.

Over the past two weeks I have taught the Youth Ministry Intensive at Youthworks College. This 30 hour course began with the theology and philosophy of youth ministry, which was followed by practical skills in leading youth.

The class comprised nearly 40 youth ministers and leaders, many of whom were beginning their two year course at the College. Three of the students joined us from the overseas countries of New Zealand, Belgium and the US.

Notable were the students from the Sydney Anglican Georges River Region who attended on a bursary (i.e. they came for free!) Special thanks to Regional Council for this terrific boost to youth and children’s ministry in that region.

The fourteen-unit course began with an examination of Biblical principles of ministry, including issues such as church growth, ecclesiology, and the nature of Christian ministry. From this foundation, the course moved to develop practical skills in youth ministry, from big groups to small.

The fourteen units presented were:

1. Introduction to Youth Ministry
2. Understanding Ministry
3. Understanding Youth
4. Understanding Church
5. Understanding Church Growth
6. Understanding Ministry Models
7. Great Big Groups
8. Small Groups and Discipleship
9. Camps
10. Leadership
11. Socials and Events
12. Programs
13. Parents
14. Change

If you are interested in joining a similar course, then email me at jodie@jodiemcneill.com or visit http://www.youthworks.net for details.

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