Platform 7 students playing 'Find your Twin'!

Platform 7 is a one-hour Christian meeting for year ten to twelve school students at schools within half-an-hour of the city. It includes Bible teaching, music, food, multimedia items and more!

My role each week is to plan and prepare the program, as well as lead some of the upfront segments.

It runs from 4pm to 5pm on Friday afternoons in the St Andrew’s Cathedral Chapter House during school terms (except the first and last Fridays of private school terms). Doors open 3.45.

The aim is to strengthen Christian ministry in schools by providing good Bible teaching with an evangelistic edge, in an age-appropriate, high-quality, mixed-school environment. In other words, it’s a good excuse to get together with other high school students to hear the Bible and enjoy each other’s company without the cringe factor!

We’ve started this meeting because we want to support the existing ministries in the many schools around the CBD and beyond. Because we’re all getting together in the one place we can get great speakers, enjoy good quality music, and experience the buzz of meeting with many like-minded people. Platform 7 will give Christians some encouragement from God’s word and from each other, and will provide non-Christians with a great place to get their questions answered and to see Christians in action.

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