Colin Buchanan is joined on stage by special guests Liana and Jemimah McNeill!

This weekend, over 350 delegates joined together for the second annual TWIST Music Conference. Featuring talks by Mike Raiter, and music from Colin Buchanan, Nathan Tasker and Nicky Chiswell, the weekend was a wonderful success.

This joint venture of Emu Music ( and Anglican Youthworks ( provided practical music training, as well as two talks on the theology of music and song.

A highlight of the conference was the Saturday night with Colin, especially for me, as I was given the privilege to interview him, and also to see my two girls join him on stage for ‘Isaiah 53:6’ (see photo).

My role was to chair the sessions, which included an hour-long interview with Colin, a performance with Nathan Tasker, a panel with some guests, and the two standard sessions. I also conducted a training session called ‘Youth Ministry and Music’.

For details of next year’s conference, be sure to check ( or send me an email.

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