Capacity crowd at Youth Surge South at Kingsgrove

Youth Surge continues to grow in its impact and importance in Australian youth ministry. Recent Surges throughout Australia have shown how valuable these youth nights continue to be for youth leaders and youth students alike.

The nights provide a great night out for the teenagers. Terrific Bible teaching, singing, mixer games, multimedia, interactivity… and more.

This year we started a new Surge in Sydney’s South. Now youth groups can choose the City Surge (in the Cathedral Chapter House) or the South Surge (in the St George Region… next term at Mortdale Anglican). These two Surges are in addition to the many other nights around Sydney and Australia.

My role is to help plan the meetings, as well as be the MC of the City and South Surges. We had a total of over 400 to the two events I was directly involved with.

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