It was great yesterday to meet and plan with the leaders of our all-new youth group at my church, Sylvania Anglican. We start the new group, ‘Slice’, next term.

I was a great joy to experience the enthusiasm and excitement of the leaders as we start something new and even a bit groundbreaking! We’re starting a group for years 6 to 8, and it’s going to run from 3.15 to 5.15 on Friday afternoons. The plan is that it will help smooth out the ‘bump’ between our children’s ministry and the teenage youth ministry.

However, in many ways nothing is really new. We’re still preaching Christ in his word to young people, encouraging them to pray and serve God and each other, and we still will provide leaders who love and care for them as spiritual parents. Nothing new there.

Pray that the new ministry next term will meet its goals, and will be a place where people Grow in God!

To find out about ‘Slice’ visit

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