This latest ‘leak’ of a blooper video showing Kevin Rudd swearing repeatedly is interesting on a few levels.

On the one hand, it’s remarkable to think that this kind of internal intellectual property could be so brazenly released. If I was Julia Gillard, I would immediately call upon the Federal Police to investigate the leak. This lapse in security is just not tolerable.

On the other hand, it’s an exercise in cultural analysis to try and work out whether the leak will damage Rudd’s reputation, or in fact, improve his image. Us Aussies seem to like the image of a swearing, drinking, sports-loving larrikin, and in many ways, this video helps show the humanity of a man who has a greater natural affinity with the chess club than the footy club.

Maybe the answer comes in the reality of the inevitable leadership spill. It will be the sitting ALP politicians who decide on this ballot, not the happy little Vegemites who make up the voting public. Perhaps the real aim of the leak was to remind the caucus of the true, behind-the-scenes Rudd, so that they remember the past and don’t repeat history.

But this is nothing new to them. Most ALP politicians seem to hate Rudd, but because they love their job more than anything, they might be happy to swallow this bitter pill.

Interesting times ahead in Australia Federal politics.

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