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In the great tradition of tabloid journalism, I thought I’d put a provocative title to this blog to catch people’s attention.

In truth, I’m actually thrilled to say that Graham Stanton has agreed to join the team of resident bloggers at

Graham and I will share the Tuesday slot, with some guest writers from time to time, as we seek to keep raising the profile of youth and children’s ministry in the Anglican Diocese of Sydney, and to work at strengthening all of us involved in this vital work.

Graham’s first piece is lots of fun, with some interesting observations and comments about the nature of blogging and bloggers.

Check it out at

Real Hope 2005 

I’m off to speak at the ‘Real Hope’ mission in Tamworth on the 9th and 10th of November this year. Details here at

I will be speaking to the youth on the Friday night, then speaking to all ages at the Saturday night outreach event. I will also be conducting a training seminar on youth ministry in the afternoon.

It is remarkable to reflect on the way in which God chose to create his universe. Everywhere we turn there is evidence of his lavish love and creativity; the boldness of a sunset… the beauty of a tulip… the brightness of the sun.

One particular area in which we see his creativity is in music. Music has the power to move people in a way that words fail to achieve. It can lift us to new heights, and take us on a journey to places unexpected.

At the 2004 TWIST Music Conference, Mike Raiter spoke of the power of the song. In referring to the wonderful Colin Buchanan concert the night before, he said that because of his gift of music, Colin could have taken our crowd anywhere. “But”, he observed, “aren’t we thankful that he took us to God!”

We know the power of music. We use it every week to proclaim God’s praises. Yet, we want to make sure we use this powerful tool to achieve the best possible outcomes.

That’s why it’s important our musicians are well trained. That’s why the TWIST Music Conference is such an important event for our musicians.

Registrations close Monday night, and the conference begins the Saturday after. Don’t miss out on stimulating teaching from Mike Raiter, terrific congregational music from some of Australia’s most gifted musos, and invaluable hands-on training in many great workshops.

Full details at Don’t miss out!

Youthworks College Youth Ministry Intensive February 2007

As has been the custom of the past four years, I continue to teach the DM211 ‘Youth and the Churches’ Diploma of Theology subject at Youthworks College.

This 30-hour course provides a detailed overview of youth ministry, from foundations and strategy to practical hints and techniques.

I’ve been reminded that ‘intensive’ doesn’t just describe the method of lesson delivery! Preparing for and teaching these lectures takes lots of time and energy. However, as always, they have been very rewarding.

This year I am recording the lectures with the intention of producing a book based on some of the material I have presented. The only problem is that 30 hours equates to about 90 hours of typing. Look out for the blisters on my fingers sometime in March!

Training at the Youthworks Wollongong Region Scripture in Schools Conference at Dapto

As always, January and February are the biggest months for youth ministry training. Since the start of the year I have delivered training from Katoomba to Nowra, and everywhere in between!

The year began with two big Mondays at KYLC (Katoomba Youth Leadership Conference) where I trained all of the first year delegates on the Essentials of Youth Ministry. This was followed by training at the Youthworks LiT (Leaders in Training) Conference in Nowra.

As always, I have also spent two big weeks teaching the Australian College of Theology (A.C.T.) Diploma of Theology Course in youth ministry–Youth in the Churches (DM211) at Youthworks College. 30 hours of youth ministry for youth ministers. Details at

In addition, I have spoken at the Youthworks Scripture in Schools Conference at Dapto, plus delivered training in at the annual Salvation Army youth and children’s ministry training conference.

Thanks to God for the opportunity to train around 800 people throughout Sydney!